Valeria Pesce is currently information systems manager and project manager at the Secretariat of the Global Forum on Agricultural Research and collaborates with the Secretariat of the Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition initiative (GODAN). She has represented FAO and GFAR in past and current EC-funded projects on data infrastructures (agINFRABig Data Europe) and manages the CIARD RING and AgriProfiles open data platforms in coordination with other global and regional actors. She is also coordinating the work around a global map of data standards for food and agriculture within the GODAN Action project.

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Matthew Lange from UC Davis put together a nice panel on "The Semantic Web of Food" for the Seeds&chips conference in Milan, 8-11 May 2017. The panel was sponsored by SOP Srl. and the panelists who joined Matthew (in order of speaking) were: Nicholas M. Holden, Professor at University College Dublin Valeria Pesce, Project Mnager at GFAR / GODAN Tom Baker, Semantic Architect for the Global Agricultural Concept Scheme and GODAN consultant Damion Dooley, Scientific Programmer at University of British Columbia Raja Ramachandran, CEO of Sasan Amini, CEO of Clear Labs...
Presentation on dataset description vocabularies
Devika Madalli and ARD Prasad of the Indian Institute of Statistics invited me to give a lecture on the description of datasets using semantic vocabularies during the International Workshop on Open Data Repositories organized by DRTC, ISI-ICSU and CODATA on 1-3 March 2017. Being a 45' lecture, I put together much of the material I had prepared for different occasions and added more details on why we need semantic dataset descriptions and up to which point vocabularies like DCAT, Data Cube and VOID can help us. Dataset description: DCAT and other vocabularies from Valeria Pesce



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