Valeria Pesce is currently information systems manager and project manager at the Secretariat of the Global Forum on Agricultural Research and collaborates with the Secretariat of the Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition initiative (GODAN). She has represented FAO and GFAR in past and current EC-funded projects on data infrastructures (agINFRABig Data Europe) and manages the CIARD RING and AgriProfiles open data platforms in coordination with other global and regional actors. She is also coordinating the work around a global map of data standards for food and agriculture within the GODAN Action project.

Latest posts

Kimmo Rossi presenting relevant activities of DG CONNECT at the 2nd BDE SC2 workshop
[As FAO focal point for the Big Data Europe H2020 project, I wrote this blog post for the Big Data Europe website and the GFAR website] GFAR is participating together with FAO in the H2020 project “Big Data Europe: Integrating Big Data, Software & Communities for Addressing Europe’s Societal Challenges” (BDE). BDE will provide support mechanisms for all the major aspects of a data value chain, in terms of the employed data and technology assets, the participating roles and the established or evolving processes. The effectiveness of the provided support mechanisms will be assessed in...
GODAN Action map of data standards - homepage
[As FAO/GFAR focal point for the global map of data standards for food and agriculture in the GODAN Action project, I wrote this blog post for the GODAN website and the GFAR website] As announced at the GODAN Summit, the GODAN Action project has published a global map of standards relevant to the exchange of agriculture and nutrition data. GFAR and the other GODAN Action partners are now calling on their network of experts to contribute to this new global map. We are building on two existing portals: the AIMS VEST Registry of FAO and the AgroPortal of University of Montpellier / Stanford...